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Ramadhani Brothers crowned winner of 'AGT: Fantasy League': 'We believe our lives are changing'

For the Ramadhani Brothers, the key to success is keeping a level head.

The head-to-head balancing act duo from Tanzania, which consists of acrobats Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu, was crowned the winner of "AGT: Fantasy League" Monday night. As a member of Howie Mandel's dream team, the pair beat out top acts such as The Pack Drumline, V.Unbeatable, Sainted and Musa Motha.

Ramadhani Brothers claimed victory during the season finale of "AGT: Fantasy League" Monday night.

"We believe our lives are changing from that moment," Ramadhani tells USA TODAY. "It means a lot for us. We are so happy we can't explain it."

Their "AGT" victory is the culmination of a whirlwind two-year journey. The Ramadhani Brothers originally planned to audition for "AGT" Season 17, but Jobu was unable to obtain his travel visa in time. In the interim, the duo appeared on several "Got Talent" franchise series, including "Australia's Got Talent," "Got Talent España" and "Românii au talent," which set the stage for its "AGT" debut on Season 18.

The Ramadhani Brothers floored the judges with their gravity-defying, balancing act, which involves one acrobat balancing the other's full body weight on his head while traversing different set pieces. The group placed as a grand finalist, losing to Season 18 winner Adrian Stoica & Hurricane.'

When it came time for "Fantasy League," Ramadhani said the duo was ready for redemption and to compete against the "best of the best."

"We've been prepared for this and we said, 'No matter what, this time we also have to reach the final,'" Ramadhani says. "We're not afraid of anyone; if we’re afraid, that will make us weak. We believe in our art and we believe in our quality, and our chance is there, so we just have to work then to prove ourselves."

Ramadhani Brothers felt 'so sorry' for Heidi Klum after Golden Buzzer steal

Ramadhani Brothers made a big splash at the beginning of the season. Competing on judge Heidi Klum's dream team, the duo's preliminary round performance amazed the judges and earned it a Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel. With the Golden Buzzer, Mandel was able to steal the Ramadhani Brothers for his dream team and send them straight to the finals.

Although the win was a bittersweet moment for the group, Ramadhani says it was a necessary transition in their "Fantasy League" journey.

"I was feeling so sorry for Heidi because she's so happy and so alive," Ramadhani says. "We believe that everything happens for a reason, so it's also God's plan. We had to go with Team Heidi, then we had to change to Team Howie, then to the winning goal."

Ramadhani says Mandel's belief in the duo was a great motivator during the competition. "'From the very first time I saw you guys, you were incredible,'" he recalls of Mandel's encouragement. "'And if you guys can do good, I believe you guys can win this time.'"

"He was amazing," Ramadhani added. "He always wished for us to go forward.  He wished for us to go higher and higher, to be different from the other teams."

Why Ramadhani Brothers aren’t scared of their 'terrifying' act

The Ramadhani Brothers had everyone on the edge of their seats during their finals performance, which saw the duo take its aerial craft to new heights with an onstage elevator that lifted the acrobats mid-performance. The adrenaline-pumping routine elicited audible gasps and concerned yells from the judges and studio audience.

"Probably one of the most terrifying acts in 'AGT' history," said Mandel of the performance.

But Ramadhani says there's no room for jitters onstage. He says the duo's rehearsal process, which consists of thorough one-hour sessions, helps them maintain their concentration.

"You just have to be focused. We just hold what we’ve been practicing in our heads," Ramadhani says. "If we allowed (ourselves) to be nervous, we're going to get confused and instead of doing great, we're going to end up making mistakes."

What's next for Ramadhani Brothers after 'AGT: Fantasy League'?

Ramadhani Brothers are making history with their "Fantasy League" victory. With their win, the duo becomes the first Tanzanian act to win any "AGT" competition, according to a press release from NBC.

The winner of "AGT: Fantasy League" receives a prize of $250,000. Jobu says the duo wants to use a portion of its prize money to purchase training equipment for other acrobats in Tanzania.

"We have a lot of artists in Tanzania," Jobu says. "So, we have to buy some equipment to help (them)."

For themselves, Ramadhani jokes that it may be time for the group to get a speedier form of transportation.

"We used to go to our training place on foot. I know it’s exercise, but it's too far," Ramadhani says. "So, this time we’re going to be skipping some days and go with wheels."

As for what the future holds, Ramdhani says a headlining slot in Sin City is on their minds.

"Our big goal is to get invited to one of the big productions in Vegas," said Ramadhani, and "To be on the big billboards. That's the dream. One day we go to Las Vegas and (we’ll say), 'That is us, Ramadhani Brothers.'"

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