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Who won 'AGT: Fantasy League'? Team Howie's Ramadhani Brothers bag $250K cash prize

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The prestigious title of 'America's Got Talent: Fantasy League' champions goes to none other than the exceptionally talented Ramadhani Brothers, the remarkable acrobatic performers who captivated audiences with their magnificent skills and mesmerizing routines.

Ramadhani Brothers from Team Howie emerged as the winners of 'AGT': Fantasy League' (Instagram/@ramadhanibrothersofficial)

Following the winner's announcement by Terry Crews, the charismatic host of the highly anticipated NBC spin-off show, the Ramadhani Brothers were overwhelmed with an indescribable sense of joy and elation.

Unable to contain their excitement, the two brothers instinctively embraced each other tightly, their hearts filled with an overwhelming surge of happiness and triumph.

Soon after, their mentor Howie Mandel came on the stage and hugged them. He expressed his happiness by saying, "Oh my god, Oh my god."

Then, Terry chimed in, "Ramadhani Brothers you are the champions. How does it feel?" to which they responded, "We are so happy. Thank you everyone, thank you, everyone. It's amazing."

Terry further added, "Howie you and your act won," to which Howie replied, "I'm so proud of you. You two are so dangerous, so inspiring and you deserve this. You are superstars world stars."

Howie, being the victorious mentor, was presented with a ring by Terry as a token of his achievement.

Ramadhani Brothers are the winners of 'AGT: Fantasy League' (Instagram/@ramadhanibrothersofficial)

Who is the runner-up of 'AGT: Fantasy League'?

Sainted Trap Choir is the runners up of 'AGT: Fantasy League' (Instagram/@saintedtrapchoir)

The talented and highly acclaimed Sainted Trap Choir, representing Team Simon, concluded their remarkable journey in the 'AGT: Fantasy League' competition, securing an impressive second-place finish.

After their incredible audition on 'America's Got Talent: Fantasy League,' which left the audience and judges in awe and led to their mentor Simon Cowell hitting the Golden Buzzer for them, the talented group known as Sainted Trap Choir were filled with enthusiasm as they stepped onto the stage for the Semifinals, ready to captivate everyone with an even more dazzling performance.

During the finale, the group performed a rendition of Madonna's 'Like a Prayer.' Their journey in the show has been truly remarkable and has served as a great source of inspiration for many.

Where are the Ramadhani Brothers from?

'AGT: Fantasy League' winners Ramadhani Brothers are from Tanzania (YouTube/AGT)

Ibrahim and Fadi Ramadhani, famously known as the Ramadhani Brothers, are exceptional acrobats hailing from the beautiful country of Tanzania.

Their incredible abilities to contort their bodies in unimaginable ways, paired with their extraordinary strength in hand and head balancing, create mesmerizing human feats that never cease to astonish audiences.

These awe-inspiring talents have been meticulously cultivated and perfected over two decades under the guidance of the esteemed Winston Ruddle, affectionately known as Papa Afrika. As a result of their unwavering dedication, the Ramadhani Brothers have established themselves as true masters of their craft.

The Ramadhani Brothers have etched their names in history by accomplishing a remarkable feat as they became the first-ever hand-to-hand acrobatic duo to receive the prestigious Golden Buzzer on any Got Talent show across the globe.

This momentous achievement occurred during their captivating performance on the tenth season of 'Australia's Got Talent'.

The judges and audience were left spellbound by their extraordinary acrobatics, which showcased their immense talent and skill. Their success did not stop there, as they went on to captivate the judges and viewers alike as finalists on 'La France a un incroyable talent'.

They effortlessly sailed through the semifinals, securing a coveted spot in the grand finals. With their exceptional talent, unrivaled showmanship, and ability to leave a lasting impression, the Ramadhani Brothers are destined to leave an indelible mark on the world stage.

Ramadhani Brothers showcased their awe-inspiring talents in 'AGT' Season 18

Ramadhani Brothers competed in 'AGT' Season 18 (YouTube/AGT)

Ramadhani Brothers, a dynamic duo of acrobats, had the remarkable opportunity to showcase their awe-inspiring talents on the renowned talent show 'America's Got Talent' during Season 18.

With their jaw-dropping skills and captivating performances, they left the judges and audiences in utter disbelief and awe. Their exceptional abilities and sheer dedication to their craft propelled them to an impressive 5th place in the highly competitive competition.

Adrian Stoica, together with his exceptional and highly skilled dog Hurricane, emerged as the undisputed champions of the season, confidently asserting their dominance and securing the coveted top spot.

Hot on their heels was the incredibly talented magician Anna DeGuzman, whose awe-inspiring tricks and illusions effortlessly earned her a well-deserved second place.

Not far behind, the mesmerizing dance group Murmuration gracefully captivated the audience with their stunning performance, ultimately clinching the highly respected third position.

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